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Hackers Keep Targeting the US Water Supply

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In light of all the Facebook news lately—although frankly, when isn’t there any—you may finally be thinking about jumping ship. If so, here’s how to delete your Facebook account. You’re welcome. That’s not all that happened this week, though! Google shed some new light on the Iranian hacking group known as APT35, or Charming Kitten, […]

A Canadian Teen Was Arrested in a $36.5M SIM-Swap Heist

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This week saw a flurry of activity related to hackers in Iran. On Wednesday, a joint advisory from the US, UK, and Australia said that Iranian nation state hackers were targeting critical infrastructure targets. The following day, the US Justice Department indicted two Iranian men in connection with 2020 election interference. Russia and China may […]

Someone Snuck a Card Skimmer Into Costco to Steal Shopper Data

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This week, security researchers from Google uncovered a so-called watering hole attack that indiscriminately targeted Apple devices in Hong Kong. Hackers compromised media and pro-democracy websites in the region to distribute malware to any visitors from an iPhone or Mac, placing a backdoor that let them steal data, download files, and more. Google didn’t attribute […]

International Operation Knocks Notorious REvil Ransomware Group Offline

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the endless drumbeat of high-profile ransomware attacks continued this week, but Google’s Threat Analysis Group also raised awareness of tricky “pass-the-cookie” attacks that hackers have used in recent years to hijack prominent YouTube channels. While this type of attack isn’t new, Google has taken significant coordinated action to curb the trend. Compromised YouTube channels have […]