Mouse pad Large Large Full Size Black Mouse Pad Pure Whole Black Mouse Pad Gamer Gaming Mouse Pad for Desk Tablet Pc Notebook Table Mouse 9004003mm

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Price: $23.98
(as of Aug 15,2022 03:50:10 UTC – Details)

Isrhews -
The oversized mat covers your desk very well. Softness and thickness ensure that the mat can be flattened on your desk and provide comfort for long periods of use.
The mouse pad has a durable stitched edge that prevents it from being worn and degummed. It also enhances the aesthetics and longevity of the mouse pad.
Smooth surface – A smooth surface designed for optical mice that does not require beating to ensure fast and smooth movement while maintaining speed and control during the game, improving tracking of the mouse movement, ideal for large screens.
Our mouse pad can be easily rolled up for transport or storage between the screen and keyboard of the laptop. However, when you play the game, the mouse pad will be completely flat and smooth.
Please refer to the main picture project, please look for the regular store “linyishoping” to place an order, if you have any need for help, please feel free to contact me, I wish you a happy shopping.

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