Mobile Gaming Trigger, BIGBIG WON Mobile Game Controllers Plug and Play for iOS and Android Phone 4.7-6.5 inches Game Trigger for PUBG/Fortnite/COD White (M1-1 Piece)


🎮【Easy Trigger, Easy Win】You can move, turn, aim and shoot by pressing trigger button of the mobile gaming controller to greatly increase the success of the game. Mini-sized mobile controller is equipped with 75mAh battery, and with the ultra-low power consumption design, it can be used for a week with moderate use when the motor is turned off. *Please lock screen before installing trigger on the phone.
👏【Performance-X Turbo Function】Turbo button of mobile game trigger can record the double and triple click frequency to technically ensure violent firepower. With the function of hand-speed recording and zooming, you can customize the frequency of real-life combo recording of N shots per second according to your habits. Enjoy the output at 2x/3x speed with one click.
🎉【Built-in Vibration Motor】The mobile triggers is built-in a fast vibration motor, triggering the button to immediately receive intensive vibration feedback. Bring a better FPS gaming experience. *Please preferentially use the in-game vibration of the mobile phone for PUBG Mobile, and other FPS games can only turn on the vibration of the handle. *Vibration can be set on or off by simultaneously pressing “Trigger” and “FN” buttons.