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The Future of Digital Assistants Is Queer

The Future Of Digital Assistants Is Queer -

Queering the smart wife could mean, in its simplest form, affording digital assistants different personalities that more accurately represent the many versions of femininity that exist around the world, as opposed to the pleasing, subservient personality that many companies have chosen to adopt. Q would be a fair case of what queering these devices could […]

In Nigeria, Facebook’s Outage Revealed a Dangerous Dominance

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Tomiwa Ibukunle, a 21-year-old entrepreneur in Lagos, Nigeria, started her clothing and accessories business two months ago. She uses WhatsApp to advertise her products and process orders from customers, typically receiving 20 orders per day. But on October 5, when WhatsApp was down globally (alongside other Facebook platforms) for eight hours, her business took a […]

Bodies Are Canceled. Thanks, Instagram

Bodies Are Cancelled -

A trove of leaked documents and a recent congressional hearing have proven the obvious: Instagram harms many of its users, and its parent company Facebook has known for years. As one company slide concluded: “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls.” The recent developments confirm years of independent research showing […]

India’s New Rules for Map Data Betray Its Small Farmers 

Indiax27S New Rules For Map Data Put The Country Up For Sale -

The geospatial data regulations are part of a bigger picture. They’re the latest in a series of reforms—land reforms, proposed farm laws, amendments to the Forest Act, new drone regulations and land digitalization schemes—that are all positioned as being beneficial to individuals, but which make it easier for private corporations to enter these sectors.  In […]

Religious Exemptions for Vaccine Mandates Shouldn’t Exist

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Reiss notes that in Connecticut, for example, the rate of religious opt-outs from school vaccine requirements grew from 1.7 to 2.7 percent between 2012 and 2019, even though there was no corresponding change in the state’s religious composition. In California, the rate nearly quadrupled between 1994 and 2009. Rising opt-out rates have correlated, as you’d […]

Tinder Thinks Love Has No Borders—Even in the West Bank

Tinder Thinks Love Has No Borders—Even In The West Bank -

On the ground, the particular geopolitical situation of Israel and Palestine, with its checkpoints and patchwork of territorial designations, also shapes who uses Tinder’s service and how. Although the interface includes no explicit mention of the separation barrier aside from a dashed gray line to indicate a disputed border, users in the region face a […]