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4 Best Electric Scooters (2022): Affordable, Long-Range, Fast

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We try to test electric scooters for two to three months, oftentimes even longer. Not all of them are winners. That’s what you’ll find below—e-scooters we generally like but not as much as our picks above. They all have one thing (or more) holding them back from getting a top spot above.  Apollo Air Pro […]

The Best Period Underwear, Cups, Pads, and Products (2022)

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One afternoon when I was in fourth grade, the girls were whisked away to watch a video about periods, pads, and tampons. That’s about where my public education on menstruation began and ended—a secret discussion that boys couldn’t be privy to. It was, from that moment forward, ingrained in us that it is somehow embarrassing […]

Mercedes 2022 EQS Review: Too Much Tech

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We’re at the stage now with electric cars as we were when, back in 2015, Samsung shoved Wi-Fi into its washing machines. So enamored was the tech company with the mere capability of adding internet connectivity to an appliance you had to physically interact with, thus negating any need whatsoever for remote control, that it […]

The 8 Best Electric Toothbrushes (2022): Cheap, Smart, Kids, and More

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It’s time I came clean: I hate brushing my teeth. I do it because I have to, but it’s a time-consuming, uncomfortable process—two minutes standing in front of the mirror can feel like an eternity. My dentist says I brush too harshly as well. And don’t even get me started on flossing. Electric toothbrushes make […]

Reset Your Computer Once a Year for a Happier Life

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Resetting your laptop is one of the most powerful munitions you’ve got in your troubleshooting armory. It puts your Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS computer back to the state it was in when you first got it home from the store, and that means you’ve got none of the clutter, or bugs, that may have […]

Watch Highlights From WIRED HQ at CES

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While CES forged ahead with an in-person trade show this year, WIRED took its HQ virtual. The good news is, we’re plenty used to it by now! And online or in-person, CES is still one of the best opportunities to catch a glimpse of where consumer tech is headed. We held insightful conversations and panels […]

CES 2022 Liveblog (Day 1): Highlights and News From the Show (Updated)

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Late last year, Tile CEO CJ Prober accused Apple of becoming a runaway monopoly with the release of AirTags, saying that Apple had restricted Tile’s access to Apple’s Find My app. This year, rival company Chipolo announced a wallet finder that works exclusively with Apple’s Find My app. The slim, dark Card Spot is designed […]

The 4 Best Posture Correctors (2022): Braces, Apparel, Laptop Stands

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We slouch at our desks for at least 40 hours a week and bend our necks toward our phones the rest of the time. Not to mention we’re nearing the two-year mark of a pandemic that has limited our usual activities. All of this may be affecting our back health. Bad posture doesn’t just cause […]

Our Favorite Paper Planners (2022): Planners, Pens, Stickers, and More

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With a new year comes a very exciting prospect: a new planner. A good one should help you stay on track without overwhelming you. And unlike a lot of other resolutions, this one has nothing to do with BMI or steps taken.  We prefer paper planners here over digital tools—nothing beats the feeling of pen […]

Is 5G Available for You? Here’s How to Find Out

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With numerous carrier deals available on 5G smartphones, like the iPhone 13, owners of older mobile devices might be interested in an upgrade. If you’ve been holding onto your phone for a few years, now might be the time you start thinking about making the switch to 5G. However, 5G phones can sometimes be more […]