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Whole Foods customer records among 82M exposed due to vulnerable database

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In early July, security researcher Jeremiah Fowler, in partnership with the CoolTechZone research team, discovered a non-password-protected database that contained more than 82 million records. The records had information that referenced multiple companies, including Whole Foods Market (owned by Amazon) and Skaggs Public Safety Uniforms, a company that sells uniforms for police, fire, and medical […]

Report: Privileged access management still absent in 80% of organizations

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Nearly 80% of organizations have not implemented — or have only partially implemented — a privileged access management solution. As organizations become increasingly internet-reliant and networked technical environments, they are faced with defending against evolving ransomware attacks. Early ransomware attacks primarily targeted organizational data; however, attacks are progressively overtaking systems and networks, which is especially […]

Report: Breaches of more than one target amplify financial damage by 26 times

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A multi-party breach creates 26 times more financial damage than the damage that can be caused by even the worst single-party breach, according to a new report from Mastercard company RiskRecon and Cyentia Institute. The study, “Ripples Across the Risk Surface,” quantifies how a multi-party data breach impacts numerous organizations in today’s interconnected digital world. […]