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Inside the Lucrative World of Console Resellers

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“Since I started a new family, I was trying to look at other ways of getting income,” he says. “I felt like I understood the sneakerhead and streetwear culture enough to where I can invest in items and resell it at a higher price compared to stocks, since I’m not well-versed in stocks. This is […]

The Polish Simulator Company Gamers Love to Hate

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PlayWay S.A. is one of the strangest companies in Poland’s booming games industry—and also one of the most successful. The company has built an expansive catalog of strangely mundane games, mostly first-person simulators that let players live out vocational fantasies, such as working in an auto shop, renovating houses, or managing a gas station. While […]

Doom’s Creator Goes After ‘Doomscroll’

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A metal guitarist thought Doomscroll would be a great name for a band. Video game developer Id Software had other ideas. Source link

Twitch Streamers’ Earnings Were Exposed. Now, It’s a Meme

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Usually on Twitch, the rallying cry “Let’s get top five, baby!” refers to a video game leaderboard. Now, in the wake of a cataclysmic data breach, the gaming world is focused on a new leaderboard: one that ranks streamers according to how much money they make from Twitch. A circus of controversy washed over the […]

A Devastating Twitch Hack Sends Streamers Reeling

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This morning, an anonymous hacker released what they claim is an enormous cache of proprietary data from Twitch, the popular streaming platform, including source code and streamers’ revenue information. “Jeff Bezos paid $970 million for this, we’re giving it away FOR FREE,” wrote the poster on 4chan. Today’s leak, which its original poster described […]

EA Sports Might Lose ‘FIFA,’ and That’s Not So Bad

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FIFA, the video game, is at war with FIFA, the soccer organization. Game publisher Electronic Arts is considering a generic alternative for its 28-year-old, $20 billion franchise, after licensing talks reportedly stalled over a seven-figure fee. EA’s contract to license the FIFA name is up at the end of the 2022 World Cup next December, […]

Of All the Video Game Remakes, Why Not ‘SSX?’

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Arcade-style sports games had quite the following in the early and mid-2000s. From Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to the many iterations of FIFA and NFL titles, these games had lasting impact on players, with many continuing to play new games or seeing remakes or remasters of their favorites. One such series was SSX, the popular […]

Oh, This Game Set in Latin America Features a Coup? How Original

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“I think that the theme of US intervention in Latin America, whether in the form of political intervention to overthrow a dictator or covert drug intervention, is one of the most typical ways that Latin America is represented. But it’s not the only theme,” says Phillip Penix-Tadsen, a professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies […]

‘Age of Empires IV’ Wants to Teach You a Lesson

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The key to a great historical game is to ensure that the history doesn’t spoil the game. Relic Entertainment knew, from the very beginning, that Age of Empires 4 had to feature The Mongols. They were the clear lynchpin civilisation, both an iconic force in Age of Empires 2 and an iconic force in history, […]