OneXPlayer 8.4 Inches Handheld 11th Core I7-1195G7 Video Game Console Windows 10 Laptop 2560×1600 Mini Pocket Ultrabook UMPC Tablet PC 16GB RAM (Core i7-1195G7 16GB/2TB)

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Price: $1,639.00
(as of Dec 02,2021 00:33:25 UTC – Details)

Isrhews -
Playing games with the most powerful CPU is like racing with a 2,500 bhp sports car. The experience is surreal. The 11th generation of Tiger Lake-U 1195G7 processor features 12M L3 cache, 5.0 GHz turbo frequency, 4-core and 8-thread. The world’s best performing CPU makes sure you rule all kinds of video games and boosts performance in every possible way.
iRIS Xe Graphics 96EU Graphics : Utilizing the execution units to their best, the newest Intel iRIS Xe 96 EU Graphics enables a handheld gaming console to perform like a desktop gaming PC. All mainstream games run smoothly thanks to the powerful GPU.
Japanese Original ALPS Rocker : 360° Flexible Operation. Two Japanese original ALPS high performance 360° rocker are adopted with stable and smooth force, low resistance and flexible feedback. It greatly improves the play feel, and supports L3/R3 function.
Linear Analog Trigger : Fast Touch-Click Bumper, Faster than Traditional Mouse Click.In FPS games, you need real-time and sensitive trigger feedback. In racing games, you need the same to master the throttle. ONEXPLAYER has two complete linear analog trigger buttons with touch-click bumper buttons, 0.3mm keystroke, rapid triggering, allowing you to go deeper into the games.

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