Environmentally Friendly Computers

As consumers become increasingly more environmentally aware, PC manufacturers are starting to respond with more a conscientious attitude towards the issue of global warming. The next PC you buy may be one of a new breed; lean green eco-machines are set to hit the UK market in the later half of 2007.

To use an analogy, if the average PC could be likened to a gas guzzling 4×4, an eco-friendly PC would be a Toyota Prius. Take the so-called “Carbon Buster” PC system available soon to be available from PC World stores. It uses a fraction of the electricity of a normal PC – an energy efficient 45W, as opposed to a conventional 200W. Parts are made from recycled steel, aluminium, and plastic…. the screen and keyboard is even made out of wood. Surely this is an indicator that sustainable living has never been more fashionable.

I think that Green PCs are undeniably a vital step forward towards the monumental goal of tackling climate change, but let’s face its still just one step. Many cynics would pose the question – “Are green PCs really going to make any significant difference?” The optimists would reply, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. No one is saying Green PCs are the be all and end all of sustainable lifestyle; it’s more like one small part of a 10,000 piece jigsaw. Over the next few I can see that environmental versions of all consumer products will start to crop up. I don’t think it really matters whether it is driven by legislation, fashion, or the conscience of the individual – the main thing is that it is happening.

Source by Zach Hope

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