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Laptop & Notebook Computers – How to Choose a Laptop or Notebook Computer

Recently, I decided to buy my own laptop as the portability and mobility advantages of having my own became more attractive.

So, with great enthusiasm and anticipation, I went to the Internet to help me decide. I thought I would make up my mind quickly. Unfortunately, it took quite a while before I found the one laptop to satisfy my needs and preferences. The main reason was the quantity and variety of information (both commercial and technical) I was presented with on the Internet.

I hope the rest of this article and a visit to my blog below will help you in your quest and save you valuable time in finding the laptop most suitable to you.

Decide on what features you need:

Before you embark on your quest via the Internet, I suggest you make notes of your preferred features and the reason for them. This will allow you to focus and will greatly help you to save time on your searches.

An important factor to consider is upgradeability. While the laptop you choose may be ideal for your current requirements you may (or will) have a need to upgrade. You do not want to invest in a laptop which you may have to sell or discard within a relatively short time because you need more.

The two most important factors to consider in upgradeability are memory (RAM) and hard disk space. For some laptops you can also upgrade the CPU.

These are the important features you will need to consider:

The CPU (Processor)

The Memory (RAM)

The Hard Disk (HDD)

The Screen

Mobile Computing

External Devices (e.g. USB, External Disks, PCMCIA, Audio)

Reading and writing CDs or DVDs

The Video Processor

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